Meaningful Art

When decorating my home, my typical protocol would be to go to any of the area home stores (Home Goods, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond and to think I only discovered Hobby Lobby recently…sigh.) and stock up.  On candles, lamps, frames, decorative pieces, art, you name it.  That would be the extent of my decorating and that worked for me – for a really long time.

Once I had children, things (read=everything) changed.  Something I realized after my oldest entered the toddler years was that nothing within reach was safe.  So all of my beloved decorative pieces and copious amounts of framed photographs started making their way to storage for safety from curious little hands.  That was four years ago and everything is still stored safely away as one child became two and the chaos continues…

It made me frustrated that I didn’t have a place to showcase the pictures of my own childhood, my beloved family, our wedding and the multitude of pictures I was taking of my children.  And I stayed that way for some time.  It was only when I became an “official” photographer that I started to value my portraits as art.  Slowly but surely, I started replacing my home store art prints with prints of my own taking.  I figured, what I couldn’t put up in frames, I could surely put on the wall.  Those little munchkins wouldn’t dare climb the walls…would they?!

So I started in the first logical place any mother would – with my children.  I turned some of my favorite current images into canvas art and I’m in love.  I love proudly displaying my children throughout the house and they love to gaze at giant images of themselves as well.

professional portraits as wall art

My beautiful children take front and center as our home’s art.

blooms and berries professional cincinnati child photographer

Reflections on Fall

Recently, I figured I could try my hand at some landscape shots.  I picked two of my favorite pictures I took while on our honeymoon in Rome and gave them the royal treatment in the digital darkroom.  When I opened the delivery box, I was astounded!  My pictures on canvas looked like actual art!  I was just thrilled.

Travel photos as wall art

Travel photos as wall art

My husband said, “Wow!  Those look like you could have bought them right from Bed, Bath & Beyond.”  😉

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